Comprehensive Guide To Getting Free Uber Rides

If you are aware of Uber ridesharing service, then you may have heard about Uber promo codes. These are codes that offer you uber first ride free. In fact, you can get crazy amount when you join the platform for the first time. If you are yet to use this app, then you are eligible for the free credit. Thus, the best time to become a user of this service is now.

What to know about Uber free rides

Research shows that a lot of people are looking fotg23e6dye7u23e8i29o202r Uber promotions and are not sure how to claim their free rides. It is advisable to apply the promotion code the first time before you first ride. When you apply it, your account will be credited with some amount. The best thing to do is to apply the promo code first before requesting a ride. After getting the credit, it is bound to last for a month.

Using promo code

The process of using Uber promo code is quite easy. First, you should download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Enter the promotion code when prompted and be ready for your first ride. For instance, getting $15 can get anywhere you want to go across the city. It does not matter the city you are in; the free ride is worth to reduce your travel expenses. The following is the simplified procedure of using the promo code:

  • Open Google/Apple store and download Uber rider application.
  • After installing it, you will be prompted to enter a promo code. If it fails to ask you of the same, click “promotions” on the home screen and then enter your free ride code.
  • Enter a valid payment method such as debit/credit card
  • Call the nearest driver and enjoy the ride.

How far can it get you

In most tg3e6ye7due8i29i2cases, Uber promo code gets you quite far. In fact, it can cover your entire one-way trip. It is likely to take you far than you may think. Moreover, the pricing structure of this company is quite simple. Thus, you can easily estimate how far you can go with the free ride. You can use Uber fare pricing estimators and know the cost of your ride.

New users

Uber is regarded as an efficient travel method. The concept here is that drivers and riders are matched using a smartphone app. Everything including payments, mapping, and requests are done inside the app.