Photo by Stefan Raduta

Stella Natura has been a personal dream of mine since its inception back in 2008.
I am so incredibly gracious to those who have supported this dream to gather community together in the mountains with the sole intent to create magic. Thank you to all the artists and performers. Thank you to the attendees and staff. Thank you.

Unfortunately this dream of mine is not sustainable. Crushing financial debt, freak weather and the desperate attempts made by those who wished to destroy something beautiful all aside, the dream I had for the festival is now over. None of the aforementioned reasons are powerful enough to take credit for this departure, so please do not believe otherwise. The magic I strived so hard to create was crushed on the final night of the event for very personal reasons. Please, I cannot stress this enough—No outside reasons exist for the impending interregnum of Stella Natura.

Since our very first year, we have proudly brought the best artists from the musical underground to the Sierra Nevada, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that the event has had a lasting positive impression on all of those who have attended. Please, friends, take those joyful memories of community and work to build great things.

I am not completely sacrificing the dream of a future Stella Natura, there still may be a phoenix to rise from these ashes, but that is yet to be known and only time will heal. At the present time, my only option is to let the dream rest.

It's been a pleasure to host all of you over the past years. May our paths cross again.

Vincti, sequimur in tenebris taedas.
Adam T.
Pesanta Urfolk

The following artists were scheduled—and have performed—over the years on our beautiful mountain stages:

A memorandum about the political witch-hunt by fringe elements towards Stella Natura and our performers may be found here.